The Witches' Dance Floor

On the Witches' Dance Floor  
On the Witches' Dance Floor waiting not only this witch  
The Witches' Dance Floor is one of the best known and most popular attractions in the Harz mountains. Not only in the Walpurgis night reigns on this place great activity, when congregate here the witches in order to then fly together to the "Block Mountain". Throughout the year, the Witches' Dance Floor is a popular and sometimes quite overcrowded destination for countless tourists from all over the world.

The Witches' Dance Floor is today a large-area rock-plateau with extensive tourist infrastructure. It is located south of the city "Thale" around 250 meters above the Bode Valley and opposite the approximately 50 meters lower rock "Roßtrappe". The cliff face falls from the Witches' Dance Floor almost vertically into the wild and romantic mountain valley. In fine weather you can enjoy from here a magnificent view far into of the northern Harz foothills into it.

This prominent place already in pre-Christian times drew the interest of the people themselves. On the area the ruins of a Germanic-Saxon refuge castle can still be seen today. The rock plateau was probably used as a place of cultic acts. In the era of Carolingian here the pagan natives of the region have gathered to exercise their ancient traditions, which forbidden by the new rulers.

Already in the 19th century the Witches' Dance Floor has been a popular tourist destination. On the area are arisen the passage of time a number of attractions. These include i.a. the built in 1901 Walpurgis-Hall. In this is a museum with paintings to the Walpurgis Night, as well as an ancient Germanic "sacrificial stone".

Another special feature is the 1903 created mountain theater. This unique natural stage reminiscent of an amphitheater of ancient Greece. The theater offers space for about 1,300 visitors.

To the southwest of the Witches' Dance Floor exists since 1973 a small animal park with numerous native species. Already three years earlier, a cable car was built. This transported in a few minutes, the passengers from Thale over the Bode Valley upward to the rocky plateau.

During the 1990s, the Witches' Dance Floor was redesigned predominantly. At a central location it built a striking stone circle of boulders. A devil, a witch and a demon since then populate this eerie place. A short distance away was built in 2014 a upside down standing witch's house as an additional attraction.

The all weathers toboggan run "Harzbob" is another attraction in the area of the Witches' Dance Floor. With up to 40 Kilometers per hour you can ride this winding route. Distributed throughout the grounds you will also find the usual facilities of a tourist center such as restaurants and souvenir shops.

From Thale as well as from the Bode Valley several steep hiking trails run up to the Witches' Dance Floor. Hiking you can to this fabulous place also from Friedrichsbrunn as well as by many other starting points along the road between this village and the town of Thale. Directly on the Witches' Dance Floor is a large paid parking. Some days it happens, however, that this parking area is completely occupied. In this case it makes sense to prefer to invest the money in tickets for the cable car.

In addition, the Witches' Dance Floor is also a good starting point for hikes. The square itself already offers enough room for a small tour. But from here you can reach in a short time interesting viewpoints on the Bode Valley such as the "Prince View" and to the south the picturesque "Ox Swamp Pond".

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Winter night on the Witches' Dance Floor (This page is only available in German language.)

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