The Top 5 in the Harz

The highest point of the harz mountains  
The highest point of the harz mountains  
In the Harz mountains there are countless attractions that you should have seen. But every man has very individual conceptions and preferences. That has of course also affect the selection of its destinations. In this section for you are presented 5 points of interest which are usually are among the most highlights of each Harz travel.

The tourist destination number 1 in the Harz is undoubtedly the Brocken. Its summit towers above all other mountains of this mountain range. He can be viewed from many parts of the mountains and from the Harz foreshore. The Brocken annually attracts approximately 2 million people in its spell and therefore has no more advertising necessary.

A harz-typical and unique attraction in this form are the Harz narrow gauge railways. On its one meter wide and 87 miles long track some vehicles from the 19th century are on the route. A trip with this historic railway will be remembered not only pronounced railway fans for a long time.

The mining industry coined the harz mountains over many centuries. He changed the face of this landscape. Numerous museums and visitor mines remind of this bygone era. Thus the remembrance of the hard work of miners remains alive. The mine in the Rammelsberg near Goslar can prove far more than 1000 years of operating history. It stands as an example for all other visitors mines in the Harz in this list.

Likewise in an underground world takes you to the visit to a dripstone cave. The two show caves in Rübeland impress by their particularly large and numerous dripstones. These dripstones are formed in the course of several hundred thousand years. Apart from these caves there are many more impressive underground worlds in the Harz mountains.

A day passes quickly on its "witches dance floor" in Thale, because only in a few places in the Harz there is within a short distance such an attractive and varied range and surrounding. Here you will find, among others a small but very interesting zoo, a all-weathers toboggan run, a museum about the Walpurgis Night, a cable car, the mountain theater, several restaurants and numerous nearby interesting hiking destinations. Moreover offers for you a wonderful view from the lookout point in the Bode Valley and toward the opposite rock "Roßtrappe" (horseshoe footprint).

Hikers will at this place also the "Harzer Hexenstieg" (Harz witches path) recommended, which connects many major sights of the Harz mountains.

But maybe all these attractions here mentioned herein are not to your taste? No problem - in the Harz mountains can be found for almost every a suitable holiday destination. Therefore look at also in the other categories and to convince yourself of the diversity of this northern German low mountain range.

The Top 5 points of interest in the Harz mountains:
The Brocken | The visitors mine Rammelsberg | The Harz narrow gauge railways | The dripstone caves in Rübeland | The "Witches' Dance Floor"

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