The Selke Valley Railway

Steam locomotive in Alexisbad  
Steam locomotive while maneuvering on the train station in Alexisbad  
The Selke Valley Railway is the oldest of the Harz narrow gauge railways. She connects among others the locations Quedlinburg, Gernrode, Alexisbad, Harzgerode, Stiege and Hasselfelde with each other. With most railway enthusiasts the Selketalbahn is considered the most beautiful of narrow gauge railways in the Harz. At a length of about 60 kilometers, the train ride goes through a wild and largely unspoiled mountain landscape.

The steepest rise on the entire route network of the Harz narrow gauge railways can be found here on the historically oldest route between the stations Sternhaus-Ramberg and Mägdesprung. Do not even the ride up to the Brocken peak is as tiring for the steam locomotives - at a distance of 25 meters is there one meter height difference. The Selke Valley Railway is a pure adhesion railway, ie, there are no other technical aids such for example Racks.

In 2006, the 8.5 km long section between Quedlinburg and Gernrode was completed after one year of construction. This section of track is the only new route of recent decades in the area of the Harz narrow gauge railways. Therefore meet in Gernrode the oldest (opened in 1887) and the youngest section of the entire Harz narrow gauge railways on each other. The new route follows the course of the former thence along leading standard gauge line from Quedlinburg to Ballenstedt.

Compared to the Brocken route a ride on the Selke Valley Railway is relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, the beauty of the route is in contrast to the yet low number of passengers.

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