The Harz Witches Path

The Harz Witches Path  
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The Harz Witches Path is a leading transversely through the Harz mountains and about 100 km long marked hiking trail. He starts in Osterode in the southwest and ends in Thale in the north-east of the Harz. His sign is a flying witch on a broomstick.

On a hike on this path you will see many significant sights and attractions of the Harz mountains. Here you will find, for example, dense forests, steep rocks, many testimonies of former mining activity, beautiful lakes, wild streams and much more.

The Witches Path passes, inter alia, at the locations Lerbach, Buntenbock, Altenau and Torfhaus. Then he follows the Goethe Way to the Brocken and is then continued over Schierke and Drei Annen Hohne to Königshütte. There, the trail is divided.

You can walk around the Rappbode reservoir on two routes from Königshütte. A route goes in the south along through Hasselfelde and the other on the north through Rübeland. Both sections come together again just before Altenbrak.

On the last section of the Harz Witches Path follows the course of the river Bode up to the endpoint in the small town of Thale. Of course, you can begin their walking tour also in Thale well as at any other point.

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