The Harz-Transverse-Railway (Harzquerbahn)

The Harz-Transverse-Railway  
The Harzquerbahn (Harz-Transverse-Railway) between Ilfeld and Netzkater  
From north to south moves over a distance of about 60 kilometers on an 1,000 millimeters wide track, the "Harz-Transverse-Railway" through the northernmost German low mountain. The two endpoints are Nordhausen in the south and Wernigerode on the northern edge of the Harz mountains. Wernigerode is simultaneously also the headquarters of Harz narrow gauge railways GmbH.

Promotion of tourism and small industry in the Harz mountains were of the original purpose of the railway line. These ideas of the founding fathers are up to today up to date. The first section of the "Harzquerbahn" between Nordhausen and Ilfeld was inaugurated in 1897.

On their way through the mountains, the railroad must to strive to upon steep mountains and winding through narrow valleys. The smallest radius of curvature amounts to just 60 meters. In the Dränge-Valley the "Harz-Transverse-Railway" passes through the single tunnel on the route network of the Harz narrow gauge railways.

The "Harzquerbahn" is the connecting link between all narrow gauge railways in the Harz. At the train station "Eisfelder Talmühle" she has a connection to the tracks of the Selke Valley Railway and in "Drei Annen Hohne" to the Brocken Railway. In the past, the Harz-Transverse-Railway had in the village Sorge also a connection to the 1963 disused South Harz Railway.

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The Harz-Transverse-Railway go through the Dränge-Valley-Tunnel (This page is only available in German language.)

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