The Harz National Park

The beginning of the Harz National Park  
The beginning of the National Park is clearly marked  
In the years of the German division, the Brocken area was closed to every visitors traffic because it was located near the inner German border and on GDR side. Only the Brocken summit itself was used predominantly for military purposes, e.g. for an large listening post.

After the fall of the Wall, here revealed himself to the visitors an unique, original natural landscape. Very soon the idea was born to protect this natural area especially. Even before German reunification was carried out the creation of a national park. A few days before the end of the GDR was established in spite considerable opposition over an area of approximately 9,000 hectares the National Park "High Harz".

Bordering on these since 1994 on the Lower Saxony side the Harz National Park. Both parks presented by the end of 2005, the entire Brocken territory under special protection. On 1 January 2006, merged this both of Harz National Parks, to the "new" Harz National Park with an area of approximately 24,700 hectares.

The special protection status of the Brocken area is necessary because the plant growth through the subalpine climate is strong slowed down. On the Brocken summit itself there due to the harsh weather conditions no more trees. For this you can admire a unique plant world in the Brocken Garden, which you will find nowhere else in this form except here.

As a visitor, the Harz National Park, you can not leave the marked trails. For more information about the Harz National Park, visit the website

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