The Harz narrow gauge railways

The Drängetal tunnel  
The Harzquerbahn when leaving the Drängetal tunnel  
Since more than 120 years, large parts of the Harz area are traversed from the route network of the Harz narrow gauge railways. More than one million passengers will annually transported on this exactly one meter wide track. The first section between Gernrode and Mägdesprung was opened in 1887. This railways have experienced since that time a checkered history with many ups and downs.

The railways differ depending on the location in "Selketal railway", "Harz transverse railway" and "Brocken railway". Since 1905, the rails of these three railroads are interconnected. So you can drive up, for example, from all stations of Selketal- and Harzquerbahn of up to the Brocken summit. In 1913, additions were made to the connection of the Harzquerbahn to the track of the South Harz Railway. This narrow gauge railway drove until 1963 between Walkenried and Braunlage.

With a total length of about 140 kilometers (87 miles), the route network of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways is the longest narrow gauge railway network in Germany. There are mainly used steam locomotives. Of these, a total of 25 pieces are present. Most of the steam locomotives were built in the 1950s, the three oldest stems from the 19th century. On their journey from the lowest railway station in Quedlinburg (121 meters above sea level) up to the Brocken Railway Station to 1,125 meters above sea level overcomes such a locomotive a difference in altitude of over 1,000 meters. Above the Dränge-Valley southwest of Wernigerode is the only tunnel on the Harz narrow gauge railways. He is about 70 meters long.

The Harz narrow gauge railways are a unique technical monument in its entirety. Therefore, since the year 1972, they are under a preservation order.

The narrow-gauge railways belong today to the largest and most popular attractions in the Harz mountains. They traverse wildly romantic, picturesque and pristine landscapes. A ride with the Harz narrow gauge railways should not be missing at a vacation in the Harz.

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