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The winter Brocken  
Winter on the Brocken  
The Brocken is the highest mountain in the Harz. His peak is 1141 meters above sea level and thus already just above the tree line. The entire area around the Brocken was declared in 1990 as a national park.

With about two million visitors a year, the Brocken is the most popular excursion destination in the Harz. Many famous personalities wanted already in past centuries not miss this an ascent on the highest summit in the harz mountain range. Some of them will still revered in their former hiking destination on memorial stones.

To reach the Brocken, you have the choice between a ride on the Brocken train or climb on foot. Both versions have their own special charm and many good reasons who speak for each of them. Depending on your personal situation, you will either prefer a possibility or maybe even try both.

On top of the Brocken you can dine in to several restaurants. There are also a panorama way leads around the summit. You will also find the Brocken Garden, a museum, a hotel, souvenir shops and much more.

With a little luck - that is, especially in good weather - you can enjoy far into the countryside from the highest Harz summit a glance. But do not fret too much if the entire mountain should be shrouded in thick fog. This is on the Brocken nothing unusual. Maybe you get in such a case, a small compensation by the sighting of the "Brocken Specter".

But one thing is certain: To a vacation in the Harz Mountains, a visit on the Brocken belongs it in every case to.

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