The Brocken Railway

The Brocken Railway  
The Brocken Railway has arrived on the Brocken Railway Station.  
The track of the Brocken Railway is located almost entirely within the Harz National Park. This narrow gauge railway departs on its 1000 mm wide track from the small place "Drei Annen Hohne" until to the summit of the Brocken. The train overcomes at that a difference in altitude of about 585 meters. With a length of only 19 kilometers, the Brocken Railway is the shortest of the three still existing narrow gauge railways in the Harz. You can use all stations on the Selketalbahn and Harzquerbahn as a starting point for trips to the Brocken summit. All Harz narrow gauge railways are interconnected.

The Brocken Railway looks back on a approximately 120 years of changeful history. In June 1898, the first section between Drei Annen Hohne and Schierke was opened. About a month later was the foundation stone laying ceremony on the Brocken Railway Station. With 1125 meters above sea level, he is now the highest narrow gauge railway station in Germany. Only a few months later, in March 1899, the route was inaugurated to the Brocken summit. Soon drove the tourists in large numbers to the highest peak of the Harz. In the early years the trip in the winter, however, ended on Schierke train station. The Brocken Railway drove to the Brocken train station only during the summer months.

The two world wars and the subsequent post-war times slowed the success of the Brocken Railway. The largest incision however was made on 13 August 1961. As a result of the construction of the wall the passenger service was discontinued to Brocken Railway Station for more than 30 years. Only freight trains to supply to the military installations on the mountaintop drove up to the year 1987. Due to the excessive wear on the trails at that date the operation of the Brockenbahn beyond the station Schierke completely finished.

After the end of the GDR, the railway line was brought back to life. There was a rapid restoration of the railway facilities. In May of 1991, reached after about four year break a steam locomotive the Brocken summit. Four months later drove again passenger trains on the Brocken route. Since July 1992, the trains go according to the regular timetable to the Brocken.

In our days are traveling trains with a 700-hp steam engines to the highest peak of the Harz. The travel expenses are relatively expensive. The ticket price is independent of the departure station always the same. Children travel free up to the age of four years.

More information is available on the website of the Harz narrow gauge railways.

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The Brocken Railway near the Brocken summit (This page is only available in German language.)

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