The Wurmberg ("Worm Mountain")

On the Worm Mountain  
The Worm Mountain summit in 2011 with a playground and the excavation site, as well which at that time still existing ski jump.  
The Wurmberg at Braunlage is with an altitude of about 971 meters, the highest point in the Lower Saxon part of the Harz mountains. He is located directly opposite the Brocken, approximately 4 kilometers away. Its summit was molded by human hands. The mountain can be reached by various routes by Braunlage. You can walk the Worm Mountain on foot. For this you need depending on the route and physical condition about two to three hours.

Faster and more convenient, take the Wurmbergseilbahn ("Worm Mountain Cable Car"). The approximately 400 meters height difference overcome this in about 15 minutes. Roughly halfway there is a middle station. At this stop, you can interrupt the journey, stop it altogether, or started here. You can, for example, from the middle station a part of the way hiking to the summit.

For many decades marked the Great Wurmbergschanze the face of the mountain summit. The observation deck on the 30 meter skijump was reached by a staircase. From the top, there was a nice view of the Brocken massif and the Harz National Park. On days with very good visibility conditions even the Kyffhäuser and the Thuringian Forest were seen. In winter, the ski jump was also used for skijumping. Jump distances of 80-90 meters were possible.

Over the years, damaged the rough weather the structure considerably. At the steel framework arose irreparable defects. For this reason, one began in August of 2014 upon deinstallation of the ski jump. To today was preserved only a restaurant called "Worm Mountain Alm" at the foot of the once very distinctive building.

Nevertheless to a picturesque views of the mountains of the Upper Harz you need not renounce. From the summit of the Worm Mountain you not only see the Brocken, but also a variety of other prominent terrain points such as the Hohnekamm above Schierke.

Other attractions on the mountain are in the warm season, a petting zoo and a playground for children. These are between the former ski jump and the mountain station of the cable car. Who is older, a mountain bike or a monster-scooter can borrow. With such a sport equipment you can from the Worm Mountain move down to Braunlage.

In the months of November to March, the area transformed around the mountain top in a large-scale winter sports area. Several lifts are available for the athletes for a convenient transportation.

In the Bronze Age was on the mountain summit probably a germanic cult site. In the 20th century, various archaeological excavations there was at this historic location. Near the mountain station of the cable car are in our days still thereof various remains to see it.

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