The winter sports area on the Mount Wurmberg ("Worm Mountain")

Skiers on the Sunny Slope  
Skiers on the "Sunny Slope" underneath the mountain station of the Worm Mountain Cable Car  
At the Worm Mountain near Braunlage, is located the highest winter sports area of the Harz mountains. It covers a sprawling area around the mountain peaks and thereby includes altitudes between 565 meters and 970 meters above sea level. On good days, the Worm Mountain region is the target of thousands of winter sports enthusiasts of all ages.

On the slopes of the Worm Mountain, there are 14 ski slopes with many different difficulty levels and lengths from 450 to 2650 meters. These ski slopes can also be combined. Thus is possible, a maximum length of descent from the summit to the valley station of the Worm Mountain Cable Car of about 4.3 kilometers. All downhill slopes at the Worm Mountain are together about 13 kilometers long.

The winter sports area on the Worm Mountain is not only suitable for skiers. There is also a special freestyle parcours for snowboarders. On top of everything, you can be found here a 1,600-meter-long toboggan run for sledges and a tubular tire toboggan run.

For the winter sportsmen is available the all year round open Worm Mountain Cable Car. There are also five other ski lifts and tow lifts at different locations of winter sports area. Beginners can learn how to use the popular sports equipment, in a ski school with its own training slope. Those who does not have a own equipment, can make use of the ski rental on the "Witches Ride". On the "Rodelhaus" near the middle station of the cable car, it is also a sled rentals.

Should once, there is not enough snow came to a natural way to the mountain, are ready extensive snowmaking equipment. About 100 snow guns bring also at less winterly weather on about 5.4 kilometers ski slope, toboggan run and snowtubing track enough snow. The necessary water is taken from an 45,000 cubic meter reservoir near the Worm Mountain summit. For this reason, is on the Mount Wurmberg still winter sports possible, when in the Harz foreshore dominate spring-like temperatures.

For the winter sportsmen stand at the Mount Wurmberg two large parking spaces available. One of the parkings with space for 400 cars is located at the base of Worm Mountain Cable Car. Another area for parking of vehicles, with around 650 places are available at the Witches' Ride. To many beautiful winter-holiday days these parking areas but quickly reach their capacity limits.

The beginnings of winter sports area on Mount Wurmberg date back to the 1960s. In 1968, the first two ski lifts were built at the "Coffee Horst" and at the "Witches' Ride". There followed in 1974 a lift facility on the north side of the Worm Mountain. The so far last expansion phase was carried out in 2012 and 2013. Since then, the abovementioned snowmaking the ski slopes is possible.

The recent expansion of the ski area on the Mount Wurmberg is very controversial among environmentalists. In whose criticism are notably serious interventions in nature. In August of 2013 there was even a attack one of the radical left political spectrum allocated "environmental organization" Earth Liberation Front on the Worm Mountain Cable Car. The assassins have thus the dedicated locally nature lovers done a great disservice, without affecting the development of winter sports area.

The operators of ski lifts refer their opponents on the numerous compensatory measures. These are in the immediate vicinity of the ski area, but also in other parts of the Harz mountains. Consequently for example, has become the total area of the forest in the Harz mountains does not reduce through the winter sports area on the Worm Mountain.

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Winter Sports on Mount Wurmberg

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