The Radau Waterfall

The Radau Waterfall near Bad Harzburg  
The Radau Waterfall near Bad Harzburg  
Just off the federal highway 4 is situated between Torfhaus and Bad Harzburg the picturesque Radau Waterfall. He lies approximately two kilometers south of the town-entrance shield of Bad Harzburg. Over a steep rock face plunges the waters of the Radau Waterfall around 22 meters in depth.

In 1859, the at the instigation of the Ducally Brunswick-Railway Company created Radau Waterfall was inaugurated after two years of preparatory works. The meanwhile numerous spa guests and vacationers should thereby to be created an decorative hiking destination near the village of Bad Harzburg and tourism be further promoted. These efforts were very successful and be worthwhile to the present day.

Thanks to the excellent transport links is the Radau Waterfall almost always well attended. Also from the travelers on the federal highway in the direction of Bad Harzburg is this created by human hands attraction can hardly be overlooked. Several not too long hiking trails also leads from this spa town to the waterfall. Only a few dozen meters from the Radau Waterfall away is on top of that a tourist restaurant.

By the way, the name of the waterfall sounds very impressive in the German language. There means "Radau" as much as "noise" or "crash". This suggests a high level of noise of the falling water. The waterfall is indeed clearly audible, but not unusually loud. Nevertheless, the name is not a simple marketing gimmick. The designation viz has its origin in the small mountain creek, which feeds the waterfall and bears the beautiful name of "Radau".

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