The Cross of the German East

The Cross of the German East  
The Cross of the German East near Bad Harzburg  
On the Uhlen-cliffs south-east of Bad Harzburg stands in the Harz National Park at an elevation of 555 meters above sea level the "Cross of the German East". This memorial cross is a popular hiking destination. It is to be a admonition and a reminder of the suffering of the displaced Germans from their homeland after the Second World War. From this expulsion about 20 million people were affected. Approximately 2.8 million did have not survived the deportation.

The "Cross of the German East" was erected on 15 September 2000 with the help of a crane and inaugurated 15 days later. The construction consists of Douglas fir wood and stainless steel. It is six tons heavy, 17.75 meters high and 6.30 meters wide. This cross was paid from private donations. The money came mainly from people who had lost their homes in the East after the Second World War.

Today, the hikers look already the second cross at this point. The previous old wooden cross of 1950 plunged in a strong storm on 4 March 1998. After 48 years in an exposed position, it was become decrepit in the harsh climate of the Harz. Once, this first cross was inaugurated in the presence of Ernst Reuter, the then Governing Mayor of Berlin. In 1985, it survived off lightly an arson attack. A memorial tablet at the new "Cross of the German East" evokes the first cross. Exhorts you simultaneously to peace and reconciliation and to the rejection any form whatsoever of tyranny.

In 1962, ten granite stones were erected in a semicircle around the memorial from the affected people to remember to the lost homeland. On these massive stones, the Crest by 10 regions in the former eastern part of the German Empire as well as from other German settlement areas outside the borders of the former Germany can be seen.

The Cross of the German East can be hiked good of Bad Harzburg. From the foot of the cross you have a beautiful view of large parts of the city and the surrounding northern Harz foothills. The shortest route leads over a roughly three kilometer route, who starts at the ruins of the Harzburg.

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