The spa town Braunlage

The spa town Braunlage  
View from "Adam's View" of the city  
There, in the Upper Harz, where overlap the national highways B4, B27 and B242, is surrounded by high mountains of the state-recognized climatic healing spa resort Braunlage. And although the little river, which meanders through the town, is named "Warm Bode", the surroundings is in winter very snow reliable and the city is a center of winter sports in the Harz mountains.

The traditional economic sectors - such as for example the mining - came in the region around Braunlage already very early to a halt. Therefore, the inhabitants sought in the 19th century other sources of revenue as the cure enterprise and the tourism. The infrastructure is today focused strongly on tourism. Braunlage has more guests than inhabitants.

The town has numerous large and small hotels and holiday apartments to suit every budget. Visitors have also a choice between dozens of restaurants serving local and international cuisine. If you want to buy a souvenir from the Harz mountains or something quite different, you will find it most certainly at one of the many shops in Braunlage.

Day visitors, those arrive with their own car, utilize best the large parking lot at the valley-station of the Worm Mountain Cable Car ("Wurmbergseilbahn"). From here you can explore the city and its surrounding area on foot. Those is in search of recovery, visits one of the many spa grounds or takes a walk through the woods on the edge of the city.

For the active vacationer several sports facilities are available. These include e.g. an indoor ice rink, a leisure pool and an indoor riding arena. For winter sports there are in the surroundings many ski lifts and ski trails. Besides, there are in the cold season also almost always the appropriate snow.

A nearby and popular destination is the "Worm Mountain" (Wurmberg). Whose summit can be reached with the Worm Mountain Cable Car in a few minutes. But you can also hiking upward to the mountain.

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