The Bode Valley Cable Car - a cable car to the Witches' Dance Floor

The Bode Valley Cable Car  
An unforgettable experience is a trip on the cable car to the Witches' Dance Floor.  
The ride with the cable car from Thale over the Bode Valley on the Witches' Dance Floor presumably at every passengers remains long liable in memory. Within minutes the cabin between valley and mountain stations overcomes a distance of 720 meters. High above the treetops and rocks hover the travelers past rugged rock formations. The cabin allows you impressive views of the wild landscape of the Harz mountains. On the other side you can see the roofs and towers of the town of Thale, and far into it in the northern Harz foreland.

The cable car from the Bode Valley to the Witches' Dance Floor is one of the major attractions of the town Thale. At a dizzy height you can ride over the river Bode and more than 200 meters uphill to the mountain station. The ride takes, depending on wind conditions approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

The cable car was opened in 1970 and modernized in the 90s. On October 3, 2011 ended after almost 41 years, and approximately 36 million accident-free ascents and descents a unique era in Thale. The old cable car system was closed and dismantled. At the same place in the winter 2011/2012 was created a completely new cabin cableway. The opening of this new cable car was on the 21 April 2012.

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The "Witches' Dance Floor"

A ride on the cable car over the Bode Valley (This page is only available in German language.)

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