The big attractions in the Harz

The church into Hahnenklee  
Hahnenklee: The church, built in Nordic style  
In the Harz Mountains, there are very many places whose visit is worth going to. The interests of human beings who visit in every season in large numbers in Germany's northernmost low mountain range, are quite different. But there is boredom here for no one. Given the large number and diversity of the attractions is a suitable offer for just about everyone. It does not matter whether you're in sports, recreation, culture, technology - are interested or something else.

With the Harz mountains you step in a region with particular ground steeped in history. You are here find in many places traces of the past. These range from the dawn of civilization until into the present.

It is often the case that many sometimes quite nondescript individual objects together a great and outstanding ensemble result in - in the spirit and true to the motto "E pluribus unum". This is especially true for the "Upper Harz Water Regale", an created for mining purposes water management system of world importance.

Let yourself surprise by the diversified range of themes. Visit while your stay in the Harz the one or another place of interest. However be forewarned: Many of the previous Harz visitors came here with clichés in your head, which they had to remove it from their of thought after the stay in the Harz!

Some big points of interest in the Harz mountains:
Braunlage | The Bode Valley Cable Car | The Cross of the German East | The Devil's Path | The Radau Waterfall | The Walpurgis Hall | The Wurmberg ("Worm Mountain")

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