The Mansfeld Land

Mansfeld Land  
View of some of the "pyramids of the Mansfeld Land"  
To the Mansfeld Land include the eastern foothills of the Harz Mountains and the bordering eastern Harz mountains. Here you find a gentle mountain or hill landscape with small ranges of hills. Therein lies the great inland lake "Sweet Sea", which is the last of the "blue eyes of the the Mansfeld region". Striking and formative are also the manmade changes in the landscape.

These alterations was caused primarily in the 800 years of mining activity. Since the beginning of the 13th century, particularly copper slate and silver bearing ore were mined in the Mansfeld region. Around the numerous mines arose since the Middle Ages more than 1,000 small slagheaps. This historic mining heaps are now in large part under special protection.

As of the Start of the 20th century took place the sedimentation of massive, up to 153 meters high pointed cone shaped slagheaps. These artificial mountains will called because of their shape and size the "Pyramids of the Mansfeld Land".

Over and above that, a massive intervention in the underground water resources of the whole region took place during of mining activity. The huge "Salty Sea" flowed end of the 19th century via the newly created "Schlüssel Stollen", which as "water drainage mineworkings" large parts of the Mansfeld mining area drained, within a few years completely into the river Saale.

On the territory of Mansfeld Land was made beyond several times German history. An important event was the Battle of Welfesholz in the year 1115. In whose consequence the regional powers have been strengthened and weakened the power of the emperor in Germany.

Extremely fought over was the fortress Mansfeld in the 30 Years War. This building was at that time one of the most heavily fortified places in all of Germany. Again and again, bit their to the chagrin of the residents surrounding the fortress the mercenaries of the various warring factions on the walls of the fortress Mansfeld without success the teeth out.

The Mansfeld Land is on top of that the home of Martin Luther. The well-known reformer was born in Eisleben. His childhood and youth he spent in the town of Mansfeld. Luther died in his birthplace Eisleben. Martin Luther's birth house and his death-house is now a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In our days, you can visit a number of interesting attractions in the Mansfeld region. The varied history of this land has bequeathed for the present generation numerous castles and palaces. Around the "Sweet Sea" is a popular recreation area. Numerous relicts remember on the hard work of the miners.

A special attractions are the relatively rarely offered slagheap-ascents. An unforgettable experience is moreover a ride on the Mansfeld Mining Railway, the former railway of the largest mining company in the region. In addition, there are in the Mansfeld Land numerous other technical monuments and of corresponding museums.

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