Slagheap-ascents in the Mansfeld Land

Climb to the top of a cone slagheap  
Climb to the top of the cone slagheap at Volkstedt  
The so-called "Pyramids of Mansfeld Land" with crucial determine the face of this to the Harz mountains in the east and southeast adjacent stretch of land. Anyone who sees to the numerous pointed cone slag heaps, gets a certain amount inkling of the enormous cavities, which once are created by miners in underground.

As a former mining site the slag heaps may not be walked. Their loosely heaped rock stratum may at any time begin to move. An ascension without protection by expert accompaniment is therefore not without its dangers. For this reason, the peaks of these artificial mountains were still unreachable for the public in the period around the turn of the millennium.

For several years, but there is the possibility on selected days to climb up some of these cone-slagheaps on a safe route and under supervision. Regularly ascension occasions are possible at the "Hohe Linde" at Sangerhausen and to the slagheap of the Wolf-Mine at Volkstedt. For a small fee can in this case any interested person who is physically able to climb a about 150 meters high steep mountain, climb up to the summit of one of these large slagheaps.

Ascents on the "Hohe Linde" (high lime tree) are generally carried out twice a year each on a Sunday in May and on a Sunday in August. The slagheap of former Wolf-Mine can usually be climbed on a Sunday in June. This slag heap is incidentally the highest in the entire Mansfeld mining area. With 153 meters, it is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Cheops of Egypt.

A climbing to the top of a giant mine dumps is very worthwhile. The efforts will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. If you wish, can be made as a souvenir a stamp in his summit-passport.

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