The Harz Mountain Theater near Thale

The Harz Mountain Theater near Thale  
Soon starts the evening performance in the Harz Mountain Theater.  
On the grounds of the Witches' Dance Floor is, inter alia, also a large open-air stage in the form of an amphitheater. This is the natural stage of the Harz Mountain Theater, which is used for performances since 1903. Already the theater itself is worth seeing. From the seats of the spectators one can look far into the Harz foothills.

From May to September a number of different events take place in the Harz Mountain Theater almost every day. In the annually changing program are among others classical plays, fairy tale performances, but also concerts with different artists. There are also events in the winter season on special occasions.

You can reach the Mountain Theater either by cable car from Thale over the Bode Valley or by car (parking area Witches' Dance Floor, about 200 meters walk). If you visit on a day both the Mountain Theater and the zoo on the Witches' Dance Floor, you can take an interesting discount offer.

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