Special celebrations, events and happenings in the Harz

In the Harz mountains there are not only witches and devils. Even dragons have been spotted - like here on the Regenstein castle ruins.  
One of the most popular souvenirs from the Harz is probably the Brocken Witch. At many places you will encounter her - in every conceivable variation. There is usually Brocken-Witch made of wood or fabric - however while the Walpurgis Night they may also numerous find beings of flesh and blood. Then they are on the way to the Walpurgis celebrations everywhere in the Harz.

But the Walpurgis Night is indeed the largest and most popular festival in the Harz mountains, but only one's of many. In this section you will find more about traditional festivals and celebrations and other significant events in the Harz region.

Some special celebrations, events and happenings in the Harz mountains:
The Mountain Theater | Slagheap-ascents in the Mansfeld Land

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