The Nude Hiking Trail

Nude Hiking Trail  
The nude hiking trail is officially called "Harzer Naturistenstieg".  
A very unusual idea became known in the early autumn days of 2008: In the Harz mountains shall a by the official nudist movement long desired nude hiking trail to be established. At first there was no clear location information. However, in December of the same year came first accurate information to the public. So the future nude hiking trail should lead by the Wipper-Valley between Wippra and Dankerode.

Likewise was an appropriate way in space Herzberg in discussion. In the Nude-Scene these plans were received with great enthusiasm: A Nude-Hiking-Trail in the Harz would be the first regular and officially hiking trail of its kind in Germany.

The theme "nude hiking trail" caused naturally some attention - of both in the regional and national media as well as locally. This was not always the in the interest of the initiators. Therefore, the "Harzer Naturistenstieg" called hiking trail was opened without an official ceremony in the spring of 2010.

The first route was in a scenic and a relatively lonely area. For the long-term success of the unusual project that was certainly a great advantage. The originally about 9 km long nude hiking trail went first through the valley of the river Wipper. The naked hikers came here among others pass by the Wipper reservoir.

In 2011, the course of the hiking path was almost completely changed. There are now two total of about 13 kilometer circular routes in the area south of the Wipper reservoir. A small byway leads to a viewpoint with overlooking the artificial Body of Water. As a good starting point - not only for Walker without clothes - is suitable the car park below the dam wall.

By the way is the naked hiking not a particularly new idea. Such initiatives with enthusiastic followers is there in Central Europe for more than 100 years. This movement was born at the beginning of the 20th century out of a romantic understanding of nature.

Of course, there is no obligation to undressing on the nude hiking trail. Therefore, also quite ordinary walkers can use this hiking path as usual.

Some people do not want to walk naked, but rather bathe naked on hot summer days. In the Harz mountains there is in lonely forest ponds the chance. Very popular here is mainly the "Zankwieser Pond" near Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

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