The Drive-Thru Gallery in Aschersleben

works of art beside the road in Aschersleben  
Large-scale works of art at the traffic circle Magdeburger Straße/Hinter dem Zoll  
Aschersleben is a major transportation junction in the north-eastern Harz Foreland. Three trunk roads traverse this oldest town in Saxony-Anhalt. More than 10,000 vehicles per day make with their noise and exhaust, the relevant streets of the town as residential area unattractive. Therefore, there has long been a high vacancy of the houses along the main thoroughfares. As a result, there is an increasing disrepair of the affected buildings.

To hide the gaps, caused by demolition, in the buildings as well as the crumbling gray facades of the empty houses, an unusual art project was launched. In the years after the turn of the millennium was created on the roadsides a gallery for motorists. Here you can experience art while driving past - in the first "DRIVE-THRU Gallery" in Germany.

A few of the artworks are designed for a longer period of time. One example is the "Change House" at the northern entrance to the city park. But many of the objects represent temporary attractions with a limited shelf life. Some artworks are designed deliberately provocative - and have thus led to various passionate discussions. One's is thus clear: The peculiar open-air exhibition in the streets of Aschersleben shall from the people perceived in any case.

Maybe you are soon by car on the road in Aschersleben? Pay attention not only on the road traffic, but also to the events beside the road. Unusual objects and installations distract the attention of the driver. You can expect an interesting game with poster-like images, lighting effects, construction and recycling materials, and various other design elements.

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