Extraordinary and curiosities in the Harz

Recycling Wall  
Drive-Thru-Gallery: The "Recycling wall" is an artwork and functional object in one.  
Around to create something new, unconventional thoughts and actions are necessary. It would have been no development in human history, if it did not always given people who had the courage to try things that did not exist before.

In the territory of the Harz there is many examples of such oddities and peculiarities. These are as good as unique. Some oddness is recognizable not immediate at first glance. Therefore, your visit is an exclusive experience.

Not all of the special features listed here are the work of man. The nature is likewise characterized by the ability, to produce quite strange phenomena. In these cases you should try, to seek the idiosyncrasies often located in secret. Only in this way curiosities can be seen and experienced.

Some of the most important peculiarities in the Harz region are presented to you in this category.

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