The Harz caves

a mysterious, dark world  
Step into a mysterious, dark world ...  
The Harz mountains - this is not only what you can see directly. There are also an area which remains hidden for the time being. Under the ground you will find a whole other world. There you can discover numerous relicts of the former mining activity. Inside the earth there is also naturally generated caves and some artifically created cave-like spaces in the rock.

In the Harz and his immediate surroundings you will find many of these caves. One can this different types of caves hardly compare. Not all of these cavities are accessible to tourists. Some simply do not have the necessary size. Others are under strict environmental protection. Further caves are locked for security reasons or other grounds.

Nevertheless, you can discover a variety of interesting caves in the Harz region. Explore the Harz underworld ...

Some caves in the Harz mountains:
The dripstone caves in Rübeland

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