Castles and castle ruins in the Harz

ruins of castle Arnstein  
The picturesque ruins of castle Arnstein is one of the lesser-known attractions in the Harz mountains.  
In the territory of the Harz mountains once existed about 500 castles. Some of these were very powerful and defensible, but others little more than protected places.

A small number of these castles are even today undamaged and in good condition. But most of these buildings were in the course of the more than 1,000-year history of the Harz to ruins.

There is these historic buildings in all parts of this mountain range. In many cases, the imposing remains reveal the former power and size until today. From other fortress structures and buildings, however, are hardly any yet find visible traces.

The following list included those Castles and castle ruins, which will be described in detail in this web project.

Some castles and castle ruins in the territory of the Harz mountains:
The castle ruin Harzburg

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