Fascination – Vacation in the Harz
The Harz are the northernmost mountains of Germany. The Harz offer many sights, despite of its relatively small area. You can find here an almost intact nature of cliffy rocks and scenic valleys. Nostalgic narrow-gauge railways towed by historical steam engines cross the Harz Mountains. Furthermore, countless towns and villages with lots of timber-framed buildings can be marveled at in the Harz and in its neighboring area. Also, the Harz is the right location for all who are interested in European history. Additionally, caves and mines allowing the exploration of the Harz Mountains at its deepest inside.

The Brocken The highest summit
of a formation is always something special. Therefore, the Brocken is among the most popular destinations of the Harz region consequently. Many celebrities didn’t miss the chance to crest this “most German of all Mountains” (the German poet Heinrich Heine said). You have two options mainly, to arrive at the Brocken summit – either by walking or by going by the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway.

The wealth of the Harz
lays in the depth of the mountains. Already more than 1000 years ago rocks containing precious metals were mined. The mining and ore processing industries have changed the scenery over the centuries. The constructions built by generations of miners are in the Harz so unique, that some of them are registered in the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

devil Hell is let loose in the Harz once in a year.
The devil is summoning witches at that day, in order to celebrate with them revelry – and all, all are coming to “Walpurgis” Night. However, this perhaps most famous celebration is by far not the only one in the Harz...

One can find an almost intact nature
at the high-lying regions of the Harz. Huge areas of this region have the national park status. Even, a new virgin forest is growing here at some places. Also, wild animals such as lynx and wolf return into the Harz region since a fairly long time.

The Okerstausee Scenic waters
cover the face of the Harz region. They have been generated man-made for various purposes. The allround Oker barrier lake is one of the most popular waters of the Harz. Here one can do a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, diving or taking a tour with the excursion boat.

There are many ways
to crest the mountains of the Harz. You should go by one of the many cable cars or chair lifts when you prefer swiftness and comfort and when you would like to enjoy looking at landscape simultaneously.

Kaiserpfalz The Harz Mountains
is associated with the changeful history of this country as no other mountains in Germany. The Harz region had been the center of the young German Empire in the medieval age. One can see miscellaneous witnesses of the past at many places. Make a visit on one of the first German seats of the government, listen to the mystic legends and follow the Street of Romanesque!

Many celebrities have left one’s mark in the Harz.
Some names of famous poets, thinkers and statesmen can be found in names of locations and of routes at diverse places. However, nobody had looked into that mountains that intensively and nobody had immortalized the Harz in his works as well as the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Discover the many eminent points of interest of the Harz when strolling on Goethe’s tracks.

Vikings Diversified recreational activities
are arranged for in the Harz as well. All age groups can get a suitable offering. You will find something for everyone in Harz due to the wide range of geographic features. The Harz is offering playing opportunities suitable for children, formidable cultural events and prerequisites for all kinds of sporting activities as well as impressive performances and unforgettable adventures.

Frame houses emboss the sight
of many towns and villages in the Harz. These examples of architecture have been restored time-consuming and affectionately in most cases. The historic cores of Goslar and Quedlinburg belong to the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. One can find many timber-framed buildings e.g. in Osterode, Stolberg and Wernigerode as well.

spooky fog One can come across legendary magic places,
special rites, old cult places and mysterious mythical creatures at many locations of the Harz. Often they are hidden away for people’s eyes by spooky fog. Experience more about mystic places in the Harz!

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